Layoff & Reorganization Frequently Asked Questions

Know Your Rights: Layoffs & Reorganizations Frequently Asked Questions

What is a layoff?
Anything management does that results in: losing your job, working in a job class with a lower salary range, a reduction in the work year or or work hours (35.1.A)

What rights do I have if I’m notified of layoff?
Written notice at least 21 days before the layoff or payment for days that you aren’t provided notice for (35.10.A)

To be laid off in accordance with seniority (35.8.A.1). Seniority is defined as the length of your unbroken classified service (39.1.A)

Your options for other positions (i.e. “bumping”) & the date when you must select your layoff option (35.10.A.2-4)

To meet with our chief shop steward on the clock to discuss your options (35.1.B.2)

How do “bumping” rights work?
(coming soon)

What rights do I have in departmental reorganizations?
(coming soon)

Additional rights & things to be aware of:Our union hasn’t been consulted and had no input on these layoffs or reorganizations (35.1.A)

If laid off, the right to be hired first for future openings in classifications you have the skills and the abilities for (35.13.A)

To file a grievance if you believe your rights are being violated and get the help of a steward in doing so (30.2.A)

You don’t have rights to positions that are funded differently. For example, if your position is funded by a grant from the federal government, you won’t be able to “bump” people in state funded positions (35.8 & 35.9)


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