Rally @ Amazon HQ: No Shutdown, Tax the Rich!

Tuesday, June 27
5:00 pm @ Amazon HQ
410 Terry Ave. N., Seattle

No state shutdown!

Tax the wealthy and corporate profits

Fund education, social services and living wages for state employees!

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Enough is enough! If you are state worker holding a pink slip, courtesy of state legislators who don’t do their job, bring it to the rally so we can burn it! If you are a working person who is tired of seeing the corporate elite get away with paying so little in taxes, while you get taxed out of your home and the state services you rely on are slashed to the bone, this rally is for you!

Tax avoider

Amazon pays an effective tax rate on their profits, which includes all local, state and federal taxes, of only 14%. That is less than half what Walmart pays! In a city where two of the three richest men in the world live, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos being one of them, we should not be seeing drastic budget cuts at community colleges and poverty wages for state workers

Unfair to workers

SIS security workers are trying to win fair wages and an end to unfair religious practices on the job. Yet Amazon stands by as SIS, their security contractor, retaliates against employees for exercising their legal right to organize a union. Demand that Amazon respect security staff and their rights now! For information and ways to support these SIS workers, contact SEIU Local 6 at 206-448-7348.

Sponsored by: Washington Federation of State Employees Local 304 For more information, contact WFSE 304 Secretary Steve Hoffman at 206-915-1910, stevhoff@earthlink.net.


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